The HAN Automotive institute The HAN Automotive institute brings together all activities related to automotive engineering, providing a place where students, lecturers, research employees and professors support each other in expanding their expertise and in their cooperation with automotive companies. With modern test set-ups within arm’s reach and in-house knowledge, assignments, projects and research topics can be taken up in a result-oriented manner, in good cooperation with the business sector. The possibility of involving students is a great advantage in this. This not only guarantees great innovative responsiveness, it also presents the opportunity to meet the engineers of tomorrow. In addition to the bachelor course, which is offered in Dutch, English and as a part-time programme, the institute has its own professional master course. Tailor-made courses can be provided for specific requests from the work field. The modern testing facilities in the Applied Research Lab Automotive (ARL-A) and the applied research of the professorships enable us to anticipate relevant social issues in the automotive sector. In this, HAN Automotive concentrates on the following areas:

  1. Powertrain and electrification
  2. Optimising fuels, engines and emissions
  3. Lightweight Automotive Design
  4. Advanced vehicle control and driver support

The combination of education and research for and with the business sector guarantees that knowledge and results are brought in and shared in optimal cooperation. In the most recent accreditation, the course scored ‘good’ for 11 of the 16 standards and scored ‘excellent’ for its facilities. HAN Automotive is also one of the partners in the Automotive Centre of Expertise (ACE). ACE is a collaboration between the business sector and the three universities of applied sciences that offer an automotive course. ACE brings together all the expertise in the automotive area. ACE’s main goal is to boost the number of new automotive students in order to satisfy the growing demand from the sector. Offering a talent programme with unique projects and high-level research ensures that ACE students are prepared for a multifaceted automotive profession. Companies can submit questions to ACE, which ACE students can work on together with the company.