Every year a great many new first-year students from all over the country and even beyond manage to find their way to HAN Automotive’s bachelor course in Arnhem. More and more people already working are also finding their way to our post-HBO courses and the part-time course. These courses enable everyone to keep their knowledge on level and refresh their expertise with the latest state of the art. We also offer our own professional master course and an associate degree for System Specialist. Automotive engineering in Arnhem attracts students who want to design cars, who want to know what electronics do in a modern car, what the effect of common-rail injection is on diesel engine emissions, what a hybrid transmission is, what you can do with a road surface simulator and how to make a product definition. We do that in our current educational offerings by making practical study the focus. The professional practice is literally brought into the classroom by embedding business assignments in the various educational components. This enables students to comprehensively apply the knowledge they have learned to a project assignment, while allowing them to practice their professionalism in a vocational context.

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